Childsafe – Cardboard Kids

Childsafe  – Cardboard Kids


When The PM Group was hired by ChildSafe in 2014, there was no denying the amount of work ahead of us. Statistics from the prior year indicated that Bexar County ranked No. 2 in the state of Texas for the highest number of abused children, that stat struck us right to the core. It also helped us understand ChildSafe’s passionate mission to be the eyes, ears, mouths, and voices to the children who suffer or who are ignored in our community.


The PM Group / ChildSafe account team got right to work laying out a full-fledged marketing campaign including TV and radio commercials. These commercials spread the message about this terrible issue as well as inform the people of Bexar County about the help and services ChildSafe provides.


Perhaps the most significant contribution The PM Group has made to ChildSafe is the continued support and promotion of the Cardboard Kids campaign.  Cardboard Kids is a beautiful movement that utilizes art and creativity to raise awareness for a very dark and disturbing aspect of our community.  In its first year, the campaign’s goal was to distribute 5,846 Cardboard Kids; one for each reported case of child abuse in Bexar County. As ChildSafe and The PM Group worked together to develop and carefully craft the right marketing and PR messages, the distributed number of Cardboard Kids increased dramatically year over year.


Although the first year’s goal was to visually represent each case of child abuse, the distribution of thousands more Cardboard Kids only encouraged community members of all ages and walks of life to get involved and help our children. We are proud to have helped foster this conversation about one of our city’s toughest issues and continue to create a safe space for thousands of children to feel comfortable to report their abuse and seek the help they need.

For more information about ChildSafe and their mission visit and Get involved and search on social with the hashtag #CardboardKidsSA to see the impact the Cardboard Kid campaign has made in our community.

Key Figures and Campaign Accomplishments

  • Promotional message helped Cardboard Kids reach 76,000 in distribution in 2017
  • 2018 goal to distribute 100,000 Cardboard Kids
  • ChildSafe served 3,451 children and families (up 13% from 2016)
  • Counseling sessions are up 60% from prior years
  • Our marketing efforts helped ChildSafe raise over $1 Million during Child Abuse Prevention Month
  • Produced training videos that were used in the training of almost 15,000 community members (teachers, administrators, educational support staff)
  • Due to their ongoing success and community funding, ChildSafe is building a state of the art facility to be able to provide even more help to abused children